All rates quoted are based on the current purchasing prices in Macedonia. Prices are in Macedonian Denars (MKD) or Euros (EUR) as shown on our website. Prices are guaranteed after full payment has been made.


All cancellations must be made by letter or e-mail. In conformity with business practices within Macedonia, the Travel Agent is obliged to charge cancellation fees to passenger(s) as follows:



  • Cancellation received more than 24 hours prior to departure are fully refunded.
  • Cancellation received less than 24 hours prior to departure will be charged full price.


  • A confirmation fee of 30€ is non-refundable
  • 50 % of tour price is refunded if it is formally cancelled between 30 – 59 days prior to departure.
  • 25 % of tour price is refunded, if it is formally cancelled between 16 – 29 days prior to departure.
  • 0 % of tour price is refunded, if it is formally cancelled within 15 days prior to departure.


Safety is our #1 priority. While our highly trained and experienced guides do their very best to ensure that everyone on tour with us has a safe and fun experience, there is still a very low possibility that an accident can occur that may require medical attention. Therefore, we advise that all of our clients have insurance.


All complaints must reach Explorer within 5 days from departure from Macedonia. Otherwise possible compensation is not valid.


Explorer reserve the right to alter tours and itineraries due to weather or road conditions. All programs can be changed or cancelled at any moment during the trip to assure the safety of the clients and staff of Explorer. No responsibility is accepted for losses, expenses due to delays, changes of flights, or other services or because of strikes, accidents, sickness, damage, negligence, weather, war, changes in schedules, or other similar causes. Explorer do not assume responsibility for accidents or death that can be traced to the participant´s negligence, acts of third parties or exterior circumstances such as weather, natural occurrences, war or other similar causes.